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The work of Anthony Vescio

This is all of my work so far as a director, editor, writer and producer.

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Bistro Europa: Oles Farm

For one night Bistro Europa wanted to eliminate the way a restaurant serves your food. We didn't want to stand behind a wall in a kitchen and send our food out on plates to you.

We wanted to bring you into our world of fresh foods filled with amazing smells and wondrous tastes. Cooking is an ever evolving art form that is constantly enhanced as the process continues. Every bite, every smell, every shifting of ingredients on the plate creates a delicate balance of sensations that rewards your tastebuds.

We wanted to bring you into our world, and the best way to do that was to bring you to the source. We created the first ever Bistro Europa Farm to Table, where for the first time you could walk the farm where we get our ingredients and watch us cook them fresh.

Oh The Good Stuff written and performed by Mr. and Mrs. Smith (
Narration by Evan Pease
Color Timing by Garrett Fallin